Decorative Buck Fence Installation at the beautiful Vine Grove Community

We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to collaborate with Stephen Howard during the development of the Vine Grove community off Tates Creek Road minutes from Lexington, KY.

We started with a nice amount of beautiful 4 board fence installed throughout the community.

When we were doing the phase 1 with the 4 board fence we also installed a beautiful round about in the buck fence style, some refer to as “X fence”.

This last installation we focused more on custom X fence which really pulled it all together. We always enjoy working with such incredible clients and we really appreciate when they allow us to do what we do best and offer a level of craftsmanship that Caskey Fence Co. is known for.

We really enjoyed this install and love the way it turned out! We’re very grateful for the opportunity and quite proud of how the entire project has gotten prettier by the day. Our contractors at Caskey Fence Co. do a very nice and thorough job!

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4 Board Horse Fence Installation at the Beautiful Amaroo Farm in Lexington, KY!!!

Caskey Fence has been fortunate enough to do a 4 board horse fence installation at the beautiful Amaroo Farm located in the heart of the Bluegrass region, Lexington, KY.

When we first arrived for this project, this portion of Amaroo Farm was all open fields. You can see from the following photos how much work goes into a complete installation like this. Ultimately, we installed 12 paddocks and some road front, which is approximately 5 miles of fence.

We always begin all of our installations by marking the perimeter with string. This allows for any necessary adjustments the client may want while having a temporary representation of where the fence will stand. It also makes it easier and more efficient for our guys to lay out the posts quickly.

After all posts are driven we begin the process of hanging the boards. Both posts and boards must be installed just right with attention to detail to prevent the choppy and sharp look. Caskey Fence takes the time with the details to ensure a fence that lays well with the landscape, highlights the beauty of the surrounding property, and performs well over time.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to do this project for Amaroo Farm.

We take great pride in our services and strive for perfection with every job we do no matter the size, location, or type of fence regardless if it’s a complete installation or a repair.

We hope this shows in our finished product.

A special thank you to Amaroo Farm and to the men who helped us at Caskey Fence with this project.

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A Beautiful 4 Board Horse Fence Installation in the heart of the Bluegrass, Frankfort, KY

Caskey Fence had the opportunity to install a beautiful 4 board horse fence for the Peach Family in Frankfort, KY. The location is in the heart of the bluegrass region famous for the gently rolling acerage.

With a complete installation we always start by laying out string to mark the perimeter that the client wants. This allows for adjustments and a visual representation. Once the client is satisfied we begin laying out the posts along the marks that are spray painted to ensure correct spacing and efficiency upon installation.

In the above photo you can see the string laying to the left of the posts and the marks along that string at the bottom of each post. We are one of the few that takes these steps in the pursuit of perfection, and it shows.

After all boards were hung the face boards were added, which is a finishing touch that gives what is already beautiful fence the wow factor.

This installation came together perfectly and the property has became so much more appealing!

We want to say a special thank you to Greg and Tammy Peach. They truly are incredibly nice people and we really appreciate the opportunity to do this job on their beautiful property.

Beautiful No Climb Wire Fence, always looks good, no matter the setting.

No climb, or non-climb wire fencing, is a wonderful option to keep your animals and children in and other varmints out.

We’ve installed this style of fence on large farms as well as small residential settings. As you can see in the above comparison, it looks great no matter the surroundings.

With farms and larger clients, no climb fencing is preferable where there is a concern for animals getting their hooves stuck. Most of these clients would use this style of fencing for horses, goats, sheep, etc.

It’s also to prevent animals from coming in, such as, dogs, coyotes, and other vermin.

Some clients will use this fencing to protect their chickens and other smaller animals.

When installing fence residentially the no climb has become the choice for those not wanting to obstruct their view while maintaining a level of security for loved ones. This fence is a perimeter around the property that keeps everyone in and others, including neighborhood pets and people, out.

This is a beautiful option that can increase the curb appeal, value, and safety of your property.

We, at Caskey Fence, are fully insured.

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Beautiful Board Fence Installation at Vine Grove in Nicholasville, KY

Caskey Fence has been fortunate enough to work with the folks at Howard Properties and Stephen Howard of Howard Properties-Keller Williams Bluegrass Realty on the fabulous project and neighborhood Vine Grove in Versailles, KY.

When looking at the quality of board fence offered by us at Caskey Fence it’s easy to see why we are the choice among developers, private property residents, and farms.

We maintain straight lines along with smooth curves that follow the natural landscape seamlessly! These details make the biggest difference. This always makes a beautiful finished product and enhances the look of the land while increasing value.

We have an amazing group of guys that are committed to excellence. A lot of skill, pride, labor, and love go into these jobs and it shows.

We are very proud and grateful of what we do and enjoy doing it all over the Bluegrass region.

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A look at the beauiful Vine Grove.

Also check out the guys at Vine Grove. They are doing something beautiful out there!!!

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Board Fence Repair in Scott County, KY with Echo Valley Horse Farm

Another great repair outside of Georgetown, KY with Echo Valley Horse Farm.

With this repair all of the original boards were removed and replaced with new boards including face boards.

The client’s wanted to keep the original posts and as you can see the finished product looks amazing.

When doing a repair, this is one of the options. Some clients prefer to replace some of the boards, some of the posts, or a combination of both.

We can guarantee satisfaction as we are dedicated to what we do and take pride in our product.

We are grateful to build fence in these beautiful locations around Kentucky and it is always a pleasure.

Caskey Fence Co. is fully insured and we do offer free estimates.

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What a difference a new coat of paint will do!!! Paint Job in Versailles, KY.

Caskey Fence just completed a paint job in Versailles, KY. This simple paint job brought this fence back to life and just makes the horse farm look better. It’s more appealing to the eye.

We have been blessed to work in such beautiful locations and to have a fence crew that works efficiently and carefully. You can see that they kept any kind of over spray, due to wind and weather, to a minimum.

We use Farm Paint Brand fence paint which is supplied locally. It’s always a pleasure to work with local companies.

This paint is very safe and non-toxic. Livestock are able to return to the area quickly and safely.

Upon request from clients we will use other brands.

The paint comes in a variety of different colors and can be used on pre-installed fence, newly installed fence, barns and round-pens, and gates to color coordinate the property.

Call us if you’re looking to touch-up any fence, barns, and etc. that you have. You won’t be disappointed!

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Beautiful Residential Fences that meet any need with added curb appeal!!!

Here are two examples of beautiful residential fence we installed in the last few weeks. Both styles increase the beauty of the property and likely the value. Each one serves a different type of purpose and offer different appearances.

This is what our 2×4 No Climb Wire Fence looks like. It’s quite beautiful and keeps the yard open while making a clear boundary.

This fence is ideal for individuals/families that are looking to keep their pets and children in the yard while keeping others out. It allows for a clear view of all surrounding property and passersby. As you can see it adds tons of appeal to the property as well and is quite economical for personal use and protection.

Beautiful example of our standard Privacy Fence. This video is from the interior side and it’s easy to see the benefits of this style.

While adding a clear boundary between this lot and the neighbor’s, it also looks great. It keeps properties separate and out of view of each other. This gives some comfort for the people that like to be in their yards while not being on full display. It also adds a level of safety as it is a very clear boundary.

As you can see from the pictures, we take special care when installing fence. We hand dig the holes when necessary and always do our best to keep from disturbing the yards and properties.

***We are fully insured and BBB Accredited with an A+ rating

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Beautiful 4 Board Fence Install on a Horse Farm in Nicholasville, KY

With this completely new fence installation it’s easy to show the steps we take, the precision and attention to detail, and the difference it makes on the local farms.

Rather than repairing or replacing a previously installed fence we went out and started from scratch.

You’ll be able to see the basic steps and progress on this type of fence as well as the before and after effect. These installs really improve the appearance and functionality of farms, specifically with livestock.

You can see in the above slides how we started with a completey open field. We always take the time to walk the property and mark out where the client wants their fence with string making it visual for them and easier to make any necessary changes. Once it is perfect, we follow with posts being dropped out along the string line and then driving them into the ground.

After all posts are driven the boards are then dropped out along the post line to prepare to hang. This is when the magic happens. When we begin to hang the boards the fence completely comes to life and the entire property is transformed.

Our owner, Steve Caskey, drove the tractor while the amazing crew we had laid the boards out. You can see how much work goes into installing a great fence.

A lot of time and hard work goes into hanging these boards. It takes precision and an eye for detail to know where to put the top board and to remain consistent throughout the job, with all the boards, so that the curves and hills blend together seamlessly. This is really what makes a beautiful fence.

When comparing board fence installed by other contractors and fence companies it’s easy to see the difference in the details if you’re looking for them. I encourage you to take the time to look at the work Caskey Fence Co. does and give us a call or email when you’re ready for your next investment.

We work very hard to provide an amazing finished product and a very satisfied customer. We take great pride in the jobs we do and are committed to offering the best services possible. The work speaks for itself.

* special thanks to our crew: Terry Stanfield, Dakota Stanfield, James Roberts, and Tyler Traylor. You all really have done an amazing job.

*also a thank you to the community, our family and friends, and the clients that have trusted us with their personal property and farms. We are always grateful for the opportunity to do what we do best.

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Timber Town Stable Fence Repair and Install

We just completed a board fence repair and new install at Timber Town Stable in Lexington, KY. It’s always a privilege to work with repeat customers as well as the Sweezey’s and horse farms like this one.

New boards applied to new posts and posts already there.

We drove some new posts and removed some old boards off of the fence they already had. We then hung new boards on the new posts and replaced the boards we removed from the previous posts for a seamless join. The after product looks amazing, stands the test of time, and completely satisfied the customer.

We are always grateful for every opportunity to do what we do best.

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