Beautiful 4 Board Fence Install on a Horse Farm in Nicholasville, KY

With this completely new fence installation it’s easy to show the steps we take, the precision and attention to detail, and the difference it makes on the local farms.

Rather than repairing or replacing a previously installed fence we went out and started from scratch.

You’ll be able to see the basic steps and progress on this type of fence as well as the before and after effect. These installs really improve the appearance and functionality of farms, specifically with livestock.

You can see in the above slides how we started with a completey open field. We always take the time to walk the property and mark out where the client wants their fence with string making it visual for them and easier to make any necessary changes. Once it is perfect, we follow with posts being dropped out along the string line and then driving them into the ground.

After all posts are driven the boards are then dropped out along the post line to prepare to hang. This is when the magic happens. When we begin to hang the boards the fence completely comes to life and the entire property is transformed.

Our owner, Steve Caskey, drove the tractor while the amazing crew we had laid the boards out. You can see how much work goes into installing a great fence.

A lot of time and hard work goes into hanging these boards. It takes precision and an eye for detail to know where to put the top board and to remain consistent throughout the job, with all the boards, so that the curves and hills blend together seamlessly. This is really what makes a beautiful fence.

When comparing board fence installed by other contractors and fence companies it’s easy to see the difference in the details if you’re looking for them. I encourage you to take the time to look at the work Caskey Fence Co. does and give us a call or email when you’re ready for your next investment.

We work very hard to provide an amazing finished product and a very satisfied customer. We take great pride in the jobs we do and are committed to offering the best services possible. The work speaks for itself.

* special thanks to our crew: Terry Stanfield, Dakota Stanfield, James Roberts, and Tyler Traylor. You all really have done an amazing job.

*also a thank you to the community, our family and friends, and the clients that have trusted us with their personal property and farms. We are always grateful for the opportunity to do what we do best.

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