Beautiful No Climb Wire Fence, always looks good, no matter the setting.

No climb, or non-climb wire fencing, is a wonderful option to keep your animals and children in and other varmints out.

We’ve installed this style of fence on large farms as well as small residential settings. As you can see in the above comparison, it looks great no matter the surroundings.

With farms and larger clients, no climb fencing is preferable where there is a concern for animals getting their hooves stuck. Most of these clients would use this style of fencing for horses, goats, sheep, etc.

It’s also to prevent animals from coming in, such as, dogs, coyotes, and other vermin.

Some clients will use this fencing to protect their chickens and other smaller animals.

When installing fence residentially the no climb has become the choice for those not wanting to obstruct their view while maintaining a level of security for loved ones. This fence is a perimeter around the property that keeps everyone in and others, including neighborhood pets and people, out.

This is a beautiful option that can increase the curb appeal, value, and safety of your property.

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