What a difference a new coat of paint will do!!! Paint Job in Versailles, KY.

Caskey Fence just completed a paint job in Versailles, KY. This simple paint job brought this fence back to life and just makes the horse farm look better. It’s more appealing to the eye.

We have been blessed to work in such beautiful locations and to have a fence crew that works efficiently and carefully. You can see that they kept any kind of over spray, due to wind and weather, to a minimum.

We use Farm Paint Brand fence paint which is supplied locally. It’s always a pleasure to work with local companies.

This paint is very safe and non-toxic. Livestock are able to return to the area quickly and safely.

Upon request from clients we will use other brands.

The paint comes in a variety of different colors and can be used on pre-installed fence, newly installed fence, barns and round-pens, and gates to color coordinate the property.

Call us if you’re looking to touch-up any fence, barns, and etc. that you have. You won’t be disappointed!

We are fully insured and give free estimates.

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Phone: 859-707-4301

E-mail: SteveCaskey37@gmail.com

Facebook: Caskey Fence

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